Can You Get a Judge's Decision Appealed? Yes - Here's How.

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Do you feel like you were treated unfairly in family or criminal court? Having your case or previous decision overturned is difficult but not impossible. The appellate attorney at Brad Haddy Law will do his best to convince the appellate judges to overrule a previous decision.

There are very strict guidelines and statutes that can regard your appeal, so meet with attorney Brad Haddy in Edina or Mendota Heights, MN today to have your questions answered and get started.

Family law appeals Edina MN

Understanding the appellate process

Residents in the Mendota Heights and Edina, MN area can file family law appeals for divorce, child custody or parenting decisions. The family law appeals process typically involves...

  • Discussing filing fees
  • Filing and serving an appropriate appellate notices
  • Preparing for oral arguments and submitting a written brief

Our appellate attorney can handle the details. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.