Not All Divorce Terms Are Permanent

Ask a divorce attorney of Brad Haddy Law in Mendota Heights or Edina, MN if you can modify your agreement

Lifestyle changes or medical issues can make it difficult for divorced couples to stick to their divorce terms. If that sounds familiar, talk to the divorce attorney at Brad Haddy Law about your options.

Attorney Haddy might recommend a post-decree modification if...

  • You lost your job
  • Your ex remarried
  • Your cost of living increased
  • Your child needs specialty medical care

To get personalized guidance about your situation, arrange a meeting with attorney Haddy in Edina or Mendota Heights, MN today.

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Thinking about getting a divorce?

Our divorce attorney will provide the legal support you need. Keep in mind that the divorce terms you agree to now can be changed later through a post-decree modification. We can revisit the terms in two or three years to see if they still work for you.

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